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I’ve collected millions in stolen wages for hard-working people just like you. Here is how you can too. 


Were your wages stolen?

Here are the most common tricks business owners use to steal employee wages:

What are the most common jobs in which wage theft occurs?

  • Hospitality and service workers

    restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, clubs, exotic dancers, and similar establishments

  • Personal services providers

    barbershops, nail salons, childcare, cleaning companies, etc

  • Office workers an low level management

    and the company treats them as not being entitled.

  • Most construction employees
  • Inside sales-people

    who are either not paid their full commissions or not paid overtime (people who do not make sales by leaving the office)

  • Most retail workers
  • Hospitality and service workers

    truck drivers, waste collectors, and public transport drivers

  • Most janitorial employee

Free Wage Evaluation

see how much you could recover and how long it might take

Case Results 


Company lied by saying employees should not be paid for travel time because they only used the construction headquarters for commuting.


Hired a private detective to video tape the construction yard in the mornings to show that the workday began when employees arrived to work.


We secured for our client one of the largest single-person wage recoveries that the Judge had seen in his career!


A restaurant paid our client in cash and claimed he never worked their when we filed the lawsuit.


We got the business owner to lie under oath, and then showed the court the evidence of our client working at the restaurant. Subjecting the company owner to perjury charges.


Our client secured $35,000 and was able to start a restaurant of his own with his family using the settlement money.


Company tried to not pay our client who worked in an office overtime by claiming she was an exempt administrative employee and sales person. 


We threatened to bring a class action lawsuit against the company because they misclassified all the workers in the same position, and we were able to negotiate a premium settlement for our client. 


We secured our client $50,000 and she landed a new job the next week. She was able to buy a new car for commuting and put money into her retirement savings account.

How we help you recover your unpaid wages in just 4-9 months


10-minute initial free wage evaluation. We give you the game plan that you can follow even if you do not want to work with us. Just fill out the form to start.

Detailed Consult

If you decide to move forward, we build your case. Give us your documents. Give us the details.

Demand Letter

We send a letter to your company. Many times we can get a settlement negotiated in the beginning without even going to court. You can get your money in as little as two months.


We file the lawsuit, we spend the money, you only have to be involved for a few hours over the course of the lawsuit. 90% of the time, we manage to settle the case, you get paid. 


the lawsuit, you sign some papers and get your check.  

Don’t let your employer threaten or scare you into inaction. 

  • You can sue any company you worked for in the past six years. It does not have to be a company at which you are currently working.
  • The law protects you. The law prevents retaliation. You can collect lost wages and benefits, penalties, demand your job back, and even demand front pay (money to cover you for the time it would take to find new work).
  • ​Attorney-Client Privilege- We CANNOT tell anyone about your case unless you ask us to. Your call is 100% confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.
  • ​Attack only when you’re comfortable. We only move forward when you are ready. There is no pressure to start. You can have your free wage evaluation, come up with a strategy, collect evidence, and begin when you are ready.

Why clients prefer El-Hag Law

Millions in unpaid wages on behalf of individual clients

Although we have litigated class action lawsuits, nothing makes us happier than handing an individual a check for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a life-changing experience for most of our clients. That is why we focus on helping the most underserved people and take on the most challenging to win cases. We know how to win these cases and are not afraid to fight on our clients' behalf. 

Will take your case to trial if necessary

The truth is that most lawsuits settle. Many attorneys have no experience going to trial. However, we will. And because we will bring it to trial, we can get better settlements for our clients because other firms know we will go the distance.

We care about you and your case

We don't nickel and dime clients for 1-minute phone calls. We put in the time to build relationships and educate our clients. We know this is a scary process for most people. Every client who has walked through our door has never been in a lawsuit before. We want to make sure you are comfortable and educated on what is going on with your case. We provide you with the right information to make educated decisions about your case. It takes time to build strong relationships, and we are happy to put in the time for you. 

Experience representing employees on an individual or class action basis

Did you know that you could end up receiving less as being part of a class-action lawsuit instead of litigating your case individually? We have handled numerous cases where there are multiple clients, and we know when it would benefit our clients to be part of a class action or not. Generally, class actions benefit the lawyers more than the clients, and we will never put our interest before yours. We always keep our current clients' interests at the forefront of our decisions. Because we have experience handling class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits, we can help you make the right decision for your case. 

Your case is handled by the same person from start to finish

How would you like it if the person who handles your trial is not the person who had all the experience of putting your case together from the beginning? Some law firms will have different people working on different parts of the case to make the firm more efficient. However, in the process, things can fall through the cracks. Not with us. One person handles your case from start to finish, so the representative is personally familiar with all people and facts.

There is an art to winning a lawsuit. How can a person know how a witness will behave at trial if they had no interaction with the witness before the trial date? It's impossible to be effective. These are the kinds of things most people do not know to ask when they are evaluating lawyers. But because we need to win your case to get paid, we make sure that your case does not fall through the cracks.  

Get $75,000 in Minimum Value When You Become A Client !

$350 Value

Free Consultation: Do not waste your time looking all over the internet trying to figure out the law. We will give you a customized analysis and plan and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Lawyers who charge you consultation fees are being inefficient, and their practice is supported by generating hourly fees. They need the fees or they cannot survive. El-Hag & Associates, PC doesn’t need to charge you fees. Our firm is interested in looking for great cases that we can partner with our clients on. So we structure built the practice in a way that we do not need to charge you to find out basic information.

We do not waste our time or your time. You want to know if you have a case and what you can do to solve your problem. It doesn’t take very long to do that when you know the right questions to ask. In a ten minute call, we can determine the viability of your case, and give you steps you can take even if you do not work with us.

$75,000 minimum Value

No Hourly Fees. We get paid if you get paid
Hourly fees are for suckers and business owners who have to defend a lawsuit. If you are an employee, you are the one filing a lawsuit. This means that there is money that can be won that can pay for your case.

There is no reason you should spend your hard earned money if you have a good lawsuit. If you have a case, we will be your partner in the lawsuit. We succeed or fail together.

This is why we have excellent reviews. We treat your case like it’s our own because we cannot survive otherwise. We must invest everything into our cases so we can get paid and our clients know that. So, if we lose, its not because we didn’t put our all into the case. Whereas if you are paying a lawyer hourly, how much incentive do they have to work hard on your case when they get paid no matter what? In fact, there are unethical lawyers that will talk people into lawsuits just to charge them hourly fees.

$29.99 Value

A free copy of our insider secrets employment law hand guide
This Free legal guide unravels the little-known employment laws that you can use, so you are never taken advantage of by your employer again. With this information, you can learn how to get the compensation you deserve, the time off from work you need, and the strategies to gain the most secure employment possible so you.

$29.99 Value

BONUS # 1: Free copy of how to maximize your pay 
Our second most popular legal guide tells you the two strategies that will ensure you will never be a victim of wage theft again. This guide will explain how to secure an employment contract that your employer can never change without negotiating with you and your coworkers

$375 monthly value

Enrolment in our monthly newsletter 
Our regular newsletter is equivalent to an hour-long consultation. We will provide you with essential updates on employment law issues, legal strategies, and tips that you can use and share with your friends and family.


Access to our Facebook Community
Our Facebook group will put you in touch with like-minded people and provide you with a forum to learn about employment opportunities in the area, feedback on different employers, and learn about other people's experiences dealing with legal issues in the workplace. So when you feel like you are stuck in any situation in the workplace, you have a place to turn to look for answers and opportunities that you can use to help get yourself back on track.

You should not wait to take action !

There are many reasons why you need to act fast before you lose your chance to collect your money.
  • The Company can go out of business.
  • You can run out of time to bring a lawsuit
  • The company can be sold or transferred
  • Someone else could sue and complicate your chance of collecting your wages
  • The company could file for bankruptcy
  • The owner could die

“El-Hag helped me recover $ 100,000 in unpaid overtime because the time spent traveling was not paid”

Chris C

Very knowledgeable and professional responded promptly and with passion. Willing to stand up for the little guy and defend. David from Goliath. Thank you for everything

Krystal D

During this whole lawsuit I didn’t feel as stressed as I thought I would and the way me and my lawyer worked together made things go by very easy.

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Don’t give your employer a chance to get away with stealing your hard-earned money.
  • You receive over $75,000 in value as a client
  • We have a 100% recovery rate
  • We only get paid if you get paid
  • If we do not recover, you owe nothing
  • You can become a raving fan client
  • You get free access to our legal materials
  • Its fast and easy to get started

Eight reasons to let El Hag & Associates fight for you

  • No upfront fees or retainers - we get paid only if YOU get paid
  • 100% success rate - no client has ever walked away empty handed
  • You could get DOUBLE your unpaid wages in penalties and damages
  • 8 in 10 clients recover tens of thousands, and 2 in 10 can recover life changing amounts
  • Typically takes 4 - 9 months from start to money-in-your-pocket
  • ​Protection from revenge - your boss can’t fire you, change your hours or mess with your work environment
  • You can recover from any company you worked for in the past six years
  • I’ll do all the hard work. You just need to give me the details. You (usually) won’t even have to show up

Its simple, submit the form for your free wage evaluation now!

get over $75,000 in minimum value when become a client.
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